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February… the month of Showing our Care for Others

Feb. 1, 2021

Dear Parents,

    Bring on February!!! It’s certainly off to a “snowy” start. Due to the snow days the first week of February, we will re-celebrate School Counselor Week Feb. 8-12th.  Please follow the guidelines sent last week on the bright yellow paper.  All of us are happiest when we can have the students back in the building. Teachers are working very hard to make school happen, with all of the guidelines still in place.  When I see them teaching a room full of students while streaming to students in a cohort or streaming to students in quarantine at home, I am amazed!  They are rocking it “out of the park!”

     We screened all students during January and we are closely studying student data to ensure we are providing necessary interventions for those that struggle and at the same time devise plans to challenge our advanced learners. In the next few days, we will be adjusting schedules to make sure every child’s needs are met to the best of our ability.   Your children’s progress and their safe well-being, is our optimum concern.

     We are excited to honor Mrs. Ciesielski, our school counselor, during the second week in February.  Her support of your children goes beyond the school walls.  We appreciate all that she does to help students socially and emotionally.  

     We are still going to invite our students to participate in a Virtual Science Fair.  I will be sending the information home this week.  Students will have several weeks to prepare their project.  Then I will send a FlipGrid link where they will be able to virtually share their project with others. We miss the “at school” extracurricular activities. So we are hoping many participate.   

     Kindergarten registration is just around the corner, (March 24th), so please share this information with anyone that you know who has a Pre-K child.  Early registration helps us plan better for the new year.  Registration will be virtual.  Information can be found on the district website.

    Once again, thank you for being such a caring community as we celebrate the month of Valentine’s Day.  Thank you for helping us follow the guidelines by sending your children to school with masks.  I am thankful to our staff for making SCHOOL intentional in spite of the guidelines. We do make a GREAT TEAM.  And, HACA parents, we appreciate all that you are doing to keep your children safe and learning, and know that we are all a part of the great West Point Community!!!

                    Most sincerely,

  Mrs. Dell