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West Point

West Point Elementary School has approximately 400 students and approximately 50 professional and support staff members.  We have three classes of grades: KGD, 2, 3, four 1st grade and 4th grade; two 5th grade, two learning support classes, guidance services, remedial reading, speech, and language support, and full-time nursing support.  Students also receive art, music, library, technology, and physical education once per 5-day cycle.  

We have adopted the school-wide POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT THEME:

"West Point Students, Families, and Staff ARE CARING: 
Toward themselves, others, and the community."

From this we have identified the following nine character traits that we feel are important for the development of productive adults: 

Attitude, Respect, Empathy, Citizenship,

Acceptance, Responsibility, Improvement, Neatness, and Generosity 

Teachers and other staff members teach and reinforce lessons based on the character traits, in an effort to make West Point a "bully-free" zone, as well as an environment for positive growth and achievement.